Read how participants feel and think about undergoing the 8 week Mindful Self-Compassion program and Workshops with us. We surely do enjoy every participant’s presence, and feel that it is an honor to accompany human beings on their path of self-discovery and compassionate action.

“Amazing workshop which trained me on Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Great atmosphere, talented trainers and supporting hands-on exercises.“

Anonymous (04/2019)

“Highly recommended! Do yourself something good, take a lot home and enjoy a positive and encouraging atmosphere.“

Sandra (04/2019)

“An inspiring, enlightening and motivating workshop, led with warmth, wisdom and openness. Thank you.“

Sophie (04/2019)

“I had few expectations upon starting the MSC course, apart from hoping to learn about self-compassion, as I needed some. I’m so glad I followed my instincts: after just eight weeks I feel more positive, lighter and am kinder to myself and others. The course gave me tools to develop and maintain an appreciation of daily life, with all its ups and downs, and Anja and Wiebke created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in which I felt comfortable sharing my experiences with the group. I can heartily recommend doing this course with them!”

Sophie (04/2017)

“It has been a great course and a wonderful experience! Anja and Wiebke created a warm atmosphere and managed in a very respectful way to stick consequently to the MSC program and never getting lost in ‘therapy sessions’. I learned a method and a way of being that will accompany me from now on. THANKS!”

Sandra (03/2017)

“Anja and Wiebke took us on an inspiring 8-week journey to become more patient, caring and less critical with ourselves. I am happy that I have  joined this program and still benefit from it every single day.”

Stefanie B., 25, student (02/2017)

“At the MSC group I found support, Community, and practical tools to use on a daily basis. The tools, or Core Meditations have helped me to be in touch with my emotions, to give myself care and support, to be compassionate to myself in moments of difficulty, to soothe my heart and nervous system. I have a better relationship with my self, more patience for others, less stress, less negative internal monologue, and when it occurs I can meet it with kindness. I had been practicing various forms of mindfulness meditation but hadn’t learned to give my self much care. With Loving kindness practice I have begun to to speak to myself internally in a new way, and really see myself and my mind change, I have hope after years of uncertainty about whether it was possible to find more peace and joy in my life. It is a true gift that I can effect this change myself. Anja and Wiebke are very experienced practitioners of meditation, and also therapists – they are warm and kind. I felt safe to be vulnerable and and to explore difficult emotions and venture to try new practices. Practicing in a group is extremely rewarding. We have the opportunity to share our experiences of the practice and we are mirrors to each other. Reflecting our common fears, hopes, struggles and beautiful lessons. We learn that we are not alone in our experiences. The practice space itself is beautiful, cozy and well maintained, a perfect sanctuary from the busy day and mind. I highly recommend taking the time for yourself, join the next group! I found the experience so moving that I repeated the course, to solidify my practice.”

Shakrah Yves, 33, Software developer (02/2017)